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The Paddock to Reef integrated monitoring, modelling and reporting programme is a collaboration involving governments, industry bodies, regional natural resource management groups, landholders, and research organisations.


The Paddock to Reef program, which is supported by both the Queensland and Australian governments, is designed at the regional scale to collect new information on the adoption and relative effectiveness of farm management practices. The information collected is used directly in the annual Reef Water Quality Protection Plan report card as well as for input data for catchment models. Reef Catchments has facilitated implementation and reporting on the sugarcane paddock and sub catchment scale water quality experiments at North Eton for more than four years with technical reports for each year.

Paddock to Reef Integrated Monitoring, Modelling and Reporting Program (Paddock to Reef) is a collaboration involving governments, industry bodies, NRM groups, landholders, and research groups. Paddock to Reef is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments to measure progress towards the Reef Water Quality Protection Plan 2013 (Reef Plan) targets through annual report cards.

The Reef  Water Quality Protection Plan target is for 90 percent of land managers to be using Best Practice Management (BPMs) for soil, pesticide, and nutrients by 2018. Progress in the Mackay Whitsunday region is measured for the sugarcane and grazing industry with data on management practice adoption.

The adoption of management practices is assessed against the Water Quality Risk Framework with cutting edge monitoring and modelling tools to enable reporting in the short to medium term.

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Working across regions

Paddock to Reef works across the Great Barrier Reef catchment area. The program involves NRM groups, agricultural industry groups, government departments, and research and development organisations from the Burnett-Mary region through to North Queensland Wet Tropics and Cape York.


Funding source: The Paddock to Reef program is supported by both the Queensland and Australian governments.

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