What we do

Reef Catchments comprises a team of skilled and outcome-focused people who are all dedicated to looking after the environment in the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region.

We are the Natural Resource Management (NRM) group for the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region. We facilitate change and work for long-term solutions to sustain, protect, and improve our region’s natural resources and environment, both now and into the future.

Map of Reef Catchments NRM area.

One of our top priorities is to engage with the local community. It is through such engagement that we are able to focus our efforts where they have the most influence, from farmers to school children, urban and rural. Our staff all live locally and many have spent their entire lives here, being from multi-generational local families.

We have offices in Mackay and Proserpine and a staff of more than 30 people who work to improve the condition of our region’s land and sea.

The work we do includes caring for and promoting the health of water and waterways, wetlands and coastlands, biodiversity, pest and weed management, and sustainable agriculture, particularly in regional activities including cane, grazing, and horticulture; landcare practices and also ecosystem restoration, and engaging with the community.

We believe…

We believe a healthy environment and well-managed ecosystems are the basis for a healthy region, a healthy economy, and a strong community.

We work…

In partnership with the community, local council, and State and Federal government agencies as well as with the private sector. We seek to improve community knowledge of natural resource issues, and community capacity to be involved in natural resource solutions. Our role is also to record and report natural resource conditions and progress.

What is Natural Resource Management (NRM)?

Our natural resources are the vital systems that are the bedrock of our lifestyle and industries. They include water, land, plants, animals and micro-organisms linked to our forests, woodlands, grasslands, rivers, lakes, wetlands, coasts, estuaries and marine ecosystems. NRM is the official term for the long-term, sustainable management of these valuable resources for the future.

Our programs…

Our programs provide a systematic process for improved management of our valuable natural resources. Our programs complement local, regional, State and Federal community and government goals and objectives.

Large group of people.