Conservation and Communities

Conservation and Communities

The Conservation and Communities team at Reef Catchments works on a wide variety of ever-changing projects. Some of our focus areas include local coastal plans, fire, islands and threatened species.

The Conservation and Communities Team at Reef Catchments works on a wide variety of ever-changing projects. Some of our focus areas include:

Local Coastal Plans
The Coasts and Communities program was initiated to set a vision for the future of the Mackay coast and engage local communities in coastal management activities. The project provides a strategic and coordinated approach to managing our coast through the development of Local Coastal Plans (LCPs).

LCPs are developed in consultation with coastal communities for land under council jurisdiction. The plans include an assessment of environmental, cultural and social values and management issues, and subsequently, recommend and prioritise on-ground activities to ensure the long-term sustainability of the coastal zone. You can read the LCPs and older beach plans here.

Bushfires have important impacts on our natural resources. The Conservation and Communities Team has worked with local councils and rural fire brigades from across the region to improve resilience and preparedness through improved mapping, establishing fire breaks and delivering planned burns.

The Clark Connors Range Bushfire Consortium was developed by Reef Catchments and underpins much of our work in this space.

Islands are important areas for biodiversity. Comprising just 5% of the Earth’s landmass, they contain 41% of all endangered terrestrial vertebrates and 19% of avian biodiversity.

The Conservation and Communities Team is working to protect islands by eradicating pests and weeds and removing marine debris.

Threatened species and communities
The Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region hosts a range of threatened species and threatened ecological communities, such as the northern quoll and broadleaf tea-tree woodlands. The Conservation and Communities Team leads a range of projects to protect these species and communities. Works in recent years have included biocondition assessments of threatened ecological communities, fencing, revegetation, weed control and pest control.


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Current Projects

Community Action Plan – Protect the Great Barrier Reef
Fish Barrier Prioritisation
Fish Barriers
Fish Habitat Improvements
Regional Wetland Working Group
Island Rescue
Janes Creek Landholders Project
Seagrass Community Monitoring
Traditional Owners
Treatment Train
Whitsunday Water Quality Monitoring Blueprint for Tourism Operators

Completed Projects

Marine Classroom Project
Tackle Bin Project

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