Natural Resource Management (NRM) describes a coordinated set of actions that seek to conserve and manage Australian natural resources (land, water, fauna and flora) via reactive (rehabilitation) and proactive (planning) actions. The focus of NRM is to work with local communities, landholders, interest groups, businesses, and government at the local, regional, state, national and global levels. Through effective collaboration with our community, we help ensure that future generations are able to enjoy the natural assets that are on offer to us today.

NRM is often best described in a single question:

In what condition would you like to leave the regional landscape (beaches, rainforest, bush, waterways, ocean, town, air, etc.) for your children?

If your response is that you would like it to be in as good—if not better—condition, then you are actively undertaking NRM thinking.

NRM encompasses more than conserving the environment. It involves how we value our natural assets in the way we live and work with and within our environment.

At Reef Catchments, we operate as a team of people who share the values of promoting, protecting and more sustainably utilising the natural and cultural assets of the Mackay, and Whitsunday and Isaac regions in collaboration with our local community.

The NRM Journey – Interactive Story Map

Reef Catchments has created an interactive story map to help tell the story of natural resource management in the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region and to explore the NRM planning process.

Come on the journey with us and view the Interactive NRM Story Map.

Interactive NRM Story Map

River in Mackay.