Media Releases

Reef Catchments Media Releases



October 2023

August 2023

Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) Gain Insights through Regional Tour (29/09/2023)

Community takes the lead in Reef protection (12/09/2023)


June 2023

Mackay Regional Council lends a hand turning rubble into reef (14/06/2023)

Mackay regional growers tally benefits from $1.7 million in Major Grants funding as program draws to a close (06/2023)


April 2023

One-of-a-kind Innovative Grazing Forum Attracts State-wide Visitors (03/04/2023)


January 2023

Wire and Water Help Landholder Become Reef Champion (09/01/2023)


September 2022

Major Grants Incentive Available for Growers (29/09/2022)

Growers Embracing Practices For Improved Productivity And A Healthier Reef (29/09/2022)


March 2022

Breaking down barriers to help increase fish populations (24/03/2022)

Long reach excavator used to target invasive wetland weeds (23/03/2022)


February 2022

Pig shooters take to the air at Bloomsbury (02/02/2022)


September 2021

Invasive weeds targeted on island to promote sea turtle nesting (28/10/2021)


August 2021

Citizen scientists needed for seagrass monitoring (13/09/2021)


June 2021

Breaking down barriers to help our favourite fish (22/06/2021)

Landholders wanted to help protect threatened ecological communities (11/06/2021)


May 2021

Work on bushfire prevention going on behind the scenes (27/05/2021)


April 2021

Award winning author Bruce Pascoe presenting in Mackay (30/04/2021)

Crowd expected at 2021 Sustainable Grazing Forum (19/04/2021)


March 2021

Island adventurer needed for big-headed ant eradication mission (24/03/2021)


February 2021

New edition of 100% local magazine continues our regional food story (15/02/2021)


January 2021

High flying turtle watchers keep track of nesting season. (11/01/2021)