Media Releases

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24/03/22Breaking down barriers to help increase fish populations
23/03/22Long reach excavator used to target invasive wetland weeds
02/02/22Pig shooters take to the air at Bloomsbury
28/10/21Invasive weeds targeted on island to promote sea turtle nesting
13/09/21Citizen scientists needed for seagrass monitoring
22/06/21Breaking down barriers to help our favourite fish
11/06/21Landholders wanted to help protect threatened ecological communities
27/05/21Work on bushfire prevention going on behind the scenes
30/04/21Award winning author Bruce Pascoe presenting in Mackay
19/04/21Crowd expected at 2021 Sustainable Grazing Forum
24/03/21Island adventurer needed for big-headed ant eradication mission
15/2/21New edition of 100% local magazine continues our regional food story
11/1/21High flying turtle watchers keep track of nesting season
7/12/20Traditional Owners gain fire fighting skills
24/11/20Annual Soil Symposium and Freckle Farm field day to go ahead
16/10/20Life and land go hand in hand
21/9/20Fresh crews trained in tour operater water quality sampling project
21/9/20Water quality projects reduce fertilisers and pesticides
27/8/20Field day to showcase the best of our small landholders
21/8/20Updated version of Provenance Magazine now available
16/7/2012,000 native plants ensure riparian resilience at Oaky Creek
14/7/20Reef Catchments to lead the community with marine and coastal health plan
26/5/20Tourism operators reignite water quality monitoring program
11/3/20Record numbers of young barramundi found migrating into wetlands
21/2/20Reef Catchments to oversee major water quality improvement program
05/2/20Tourism operators turn into citizen scientists to monitor reef water quality
11/11/19Topsoil expert is guest speaker at Healthy Soils Symposium
23/10/19Waterway health prompts action from community and industry
17/10/19Mackay hotel patrons vote with their butts to help the environment
30/7/19Communications workshop for Reef Water Quality Program
30/7/19Study looks at how treatment trains benefit health of the GBR
23/7/19Women who sail to clean up island
26/6/19150 tonnes of hardwood set to stop river erosion in Gladstone
5/6/19More than a tonne of rubbish removed from islands
17/5/19Seafood in the spotlight on bus tour
27/3/19Crowd expected at 2019 Sustainable Grazing Forum
4/1/19Expedition heads to monitor turtle nesting sites on island beaches
5/12/18Cutting farm costs, better for the back pocket and your backyard
21/11/18Getting down and dirty at Healthy Soils Symposium
2/11/18Project aims to improve water quality
17/10/18Farmers ready to learn how to sell and tell their food story
16/10/18Turtle death highlights need to keep dogs home overnight
24/9/18Help needed to locate Indian myna birds
19/9/18On the scent – Rocky the fox-den-finding dog returns to Mackay
3/8/18Farmers foster fertile soils to combat climate challenges
14/5/1831,000 fish all in a day’s work
1/5/18Conservation dog sniffs out a pest!
24/04/18Drones on display at Innovative Grazing Network event
03/4/18Native vs pest fish – Operation Target Tilapia ready to rumble
8/3/18Could your weeds be trying to tell you something?
1/3/18Science provides a step up to business success for our local graziers
27/2/18Mackay residents and businesses needed to adopt and love a tackle bin
23/11/17Frontline for Farmers Facing Climate Uncertainty
15/11/17Digging Deeper Healthy Soils Symposium
12/10/17Growers Invited To Find Niche Markets
12/10/17High Steaks II – Bull Selection for Graziers
25/9/17Landcare Leaders Showcase Regional Projects and Produce
4/9/17RCL Restructure Announcement
24/8/17Cattle Owners Prepare for New Biosecurity Measures
22/8/17Working Dogs Help Improve Pasture
8/6/17Weedy Grass a Giant Problem for Grazing
24/5/17Brewing Lower Costs and Higher Yields
17/5/17Meet Your Meat Event
16/5/17Growers Invited on Organic Farm Tour
19/4/17Forestry industry heads for the hills
19/4/17Funds for natural asset assessment
18/4/17Whitsundays witnessing avian invasion
18/4/17Hungry Native Animals
11/4/17Carbon, the problem and the solution
19/1/17Farmers and local NRM groups unite to tackle feral pig problem.
28/2/17Grazing Heads into the 21st century.
28/11/16New reef funding will help growers shift to above industry
22/11/16Soil health a solid investment for our farmers
21/11/16Funding available for up to 50% of land management projects
11/11/16Agritourism a gold concept for Whitsunday coffee plantation
3/8/16Queensland’s longest fish ladder under construction in Ipswich
28/7/16Reef Catchments welcomes former Mayor of Mackay as new Chairwoman
27/6/16Fish Hotels are hot real estate for Mackay
9/6/16New Sustainable Grazing Guide Launches for the Mackay Whitsunday Region
31/5/16Forestry an Untapped Alternative for Farmers
25/5/16Better Fish Health a Good Catch for Mackay
29/4/16Sweet Success
22/4/16Dirty Deeds – Done Dirt Cheap
19/4/16Connecting Biodiversity to Tourism
12/4/16The Future of Farming is Here
24/03/16Baby Barra Boost
23/3/16Animal Education for Young Coastcarers
15/3/16Future Proofing Grazing Profits
29/2/16Barratta Creek fire management project
18/2/16Project Catalyst, Innovation in Sugarcane
11/2/16Cane farmers the Game Changers
08/2/16Monitoring reveals fish on the move
4/2/16Sowing the Seeds of Love
4/2/16Reef Out the Rubbish
1/1/16Water Quality e-book launched
1/1/16Coastcare volunteers snap up prizes
14/12/15 Mackay ‘paves the way’ in environmental innovation
8/12/15 Protecting sea turtles awareness day
22/11/15 Capture your Coast photography competition
18/11/15 Mackay welcomes leading soil ‘celebrity’ an Healthy Soils Symposium 2015
17/10/15 A plan comes together at Little McCreadys Creek
9/11/15Help weed out Bucasia with Coastcare
26/10/15 Seasonal forecasting on offer for Mackay Whitsunday graziers
24/10/15Cane farmers help company to meet 100 percent water replenishment goal
22/10/15Launch of new report card for Mackay
1/10/15Reef Catchments announces successful projects for $135,000 of NLP funding
22/09/15 Morning of fun for young Coastcarers
21/9/15Holistic management a hot topic for graziers
26/8/15 Tilapia Family Fishing Fun Day and barramundi release 
17/8/15Grazing Land Management Field Day and Pub Lunch 
4/8/15Mackay fish face serious transit challenges
28/07/15Mackay Whitsunday set to receive new NLP funding
23/7/15Botanic Gardens works improve life for local fish
29/6/15Gathering set to empower women from all walks of life
12/6/15DIY fertilisers a winning concept for Eton farmers
12/6/15Landholders urged to get serious about controlled burns
11/6/15Help local students discover the beauty of our marine backyard
29/5/15Mackay Grazing Forum 2015
19/5/15Reef Catchments welcomes new NRM leader to Mackay Whitsunday region
15/5/15Soil health a serious challenge for our farmers
23/04/15Call out for Island Conservation Adventurers
17/4/15Rural Events – Soil Health Field Day + Grazing Forum
31/3/155000 seedlings set for planting at Racecourse Mill site
24/3/15Landholder Event_Pond Apple
20/03/15Bayer CropScience Commits to Cane Innovation
27/2/15Traps installed to reduce pollution flow to reef
26/2/15Leading sugar growers gather in Townsville for Project Catalyst
19/2/15Project Catalyst Forum 2015 TOWNSVILLE
17/2/15Clean Streets and Creeks Program Back in Action
3/2/15Launch of new Natural Resource Management Plan for Mackay Whitsunday Isaac
6/1/15Climate Forecasting Workshops for Mackay Whitsunday Farmers
5/1/15Mackay Sugar and Reef Catchments restore land at Racecourse Mill