Mackay Whitsunday Water Quality Program

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The MWWQP is part of the larger Reef Trust Partnership Water Quality Program involving the Federal Government and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation investing $201M to improve water quality.

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The MWWQP is part of the larger Reef Trust Partnership Water Quality Program involving the Australian Government and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation which invests $201 million to improve water quality.

The program is focused on working with landholders in the cane industry to improve nutrient management, pesticide management, and irrigation practices while also improving productivity and profitability. Growers will receive agronomic and technical support, as well as limited financial incentives, to address barriers to change. The program aims to establish enduring economic drivers to maintain best practice that will lead to ongoing water quality improvement.

The MWWQP focusses on sugar industry practice change in two priority catchments, the Plane and Pioneer, to reduce pesticide and dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) loads. Target load reductions for pesticide and DIN are 215kg and 26 tonnes respectively. Delivery providers in the region will be operating projects which will assist growers moving to practice changes that will have positive water quality outcomes. Small incentives to assist growers making the practice change are being offered within most projects and a larger major incentive, requiring a 50% cash co-contribution from growers, is also available but will be limited to a smaller number of participating growers. Selection for the major incentives will be based on cost effectiveness i.e. greatest water quality improvement outcome/$ incentive.

The portals below group the project areas being offered by the delivery providers. Growers interested in participating in the MWWQP can select the portal of interest and it will provide more information on the projects the service providers in your region are offering and their contact details.
Dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN)
Reef Credits
Major Grants – incentives for growers


Information about the project providers

More information about the MWWQP from the Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Funding source: The MWWQP is funded by the partnership between the Australian Government's Reef Trust and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

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