Dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN)

Catchment Solutions Pty Ltd

Project title: Project Catalyst
Project type: Pollutant targeted: dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN)

The goal of Project Catalyst is to reduce the environmental footprint, enhance crop production and increase farm viability within sugarcane production systems in the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) catchment by accelerating the identification, validation and adoption of innovative farming practices. This new program will seek to build on the positive networks and practice change results generated from Project Catalyst which commenced in 2009 and currently works with 128 participating sugarcane growers conducting 132 activities, from Carmila in the South to Mossman in the North of Queensland. These growers currently farm 36,120ha of cane land including 9,121ha in the Mackay Whitsundays catchments.

Contact: Ross Neivandt

Phone: (07) 4968 4216

Email: info@catchmentsolutions.com.au

Address: Suite 4, 85 Gordon Street, Mackay 4740

Website: https://catchmentsolutions.com.au/


LiquaForce Pty Ltd

Project title: LAND, a Local Area Nutrient Datahub
Project type: Pollutant targeted: DIN

Liquaforce has developed a Local Area Nutrient Datahub (LAND) to deliver a paradigm shift in the level of actionable insight and accessibility of key agronomic information for growers of all levels of digital maturity. LAND not only produces an optimal Six Easy Steps nutrient management plan for each grower tailored to their region and to specific farm, paddock and soil lab data inputs, it also provides secure, private, digital storage of all their farm, soil and production data year on year, enabling easy long-term monitoring of crop and financial performance over time, and a far greater understanding of underlying agronomic issues and solutions suitable for their farms. The quality and accessibility of the connected data in LAND delivers farmers the information capacity for widespread practice change, which will result in substantial water quality outcomes for the Great Barrier Reef.


Contact: Cameron Liddle

Phone: 0427 765 711

Address: PO Box 620, Ingham, QLD 4850

Website: https://www.liquaforce.com.au/


Mackay Area Productivity Services (MAPS)


Project title: Nutrient Management Plans and Agtrix Framing Software Support
Project type: Pollutant targeted: DIN

The MAPS project works one-on-one with growers developing property specific Nutrient Management Plans and implementing Agtrix Farming program to manage the nutrient applications on-farm with a real focus on improving the regional water quality.

Contact: Andy Humphreys

Phone: 0407 334 141

Email: ahumphreys@maps.org.au

Address: 26135 Peak Downs Highway, Te Kowai 4740

Website: https://www.maps.org.au/

Sugar Research Australia Limited (SRA)

Project title: Cane to Creek
Project type: Pollutant targeted: DIN

Sugar Research Australia’s focus in the GBRF program is to engage growers to directly participate in evaluating alternative management strategies related to pesticide and nitrogen management. A large component of the project is to work with growers to develop a better understanding of cause and effect of different management decisions; i.e. how does water quality change if different management decisions are made. For example, management decisions may relate to the choice of herbicide product, timing of application, or band spraying. The effects on run-off water quality will be measured by collection and analysis of block run-off. This brings the cause/effect back to farm level.

Contacts: Stephanie Roberts (0459 863 298) and Matt Schembri (0422 800 670)

Address: 26135 Peak Downs Highway, Te Kowai 4740

Website: https://sugarresearch.com.au/

Farmacist Pty Ltd

Project title: Point of Difference-Refining farm nutrient management strategies
Project type: Pollutant targeted: DIN
Point of Difference works with sugarcane growers in the priority catchments of Plane Creek and Pioneer to improve nutrient management practices, to achieve a reduction in nutrient loads, mainly nitrogen and phosphorous entering the Great Barrier Reef. All participating growers receive a tailored nutrient management plan including locations where variable rate programs can be introduced into the farm nutrient plan. Expert assistance will be used to identify variable yield potential across the farm using high definition soil and yield maps. The mapping and processing of soil variability maps will be undertaken on farms as part of Point of Difference. Equipment upgrades will be supported by an incentives program to help growers transition to improved nutrient management. Point of Difference is a cooperative and interactive approach that promotes shared learning between growers, resellers, application contractors, scientists and extension staff.
Contacts: Zoe Eagger (0436 004 437) or Nick Hill (0428 422 997)
Contact: Joanne Gibbs
Phone: (07)4959 7075
Email: joanneg@farmacist.com.au
Address: PO, Box 153, Walkerston 4751

Website: http://farmacist.com.au/