Farmacist Pty Ltd

Project title: Project Bluewater 2
Project type: Pesticides

Two men in tall sugarcane talkingProject Bluewater 2 works with sugarcane growers in the priority catchments of Plane Creek and Pioneer to improve pesticide management practices, to achieve a reduction in pesticide load entering the Great Barrier Reef. All participating growers receive a tailored pesticide management plan and expert assistance to calibrate and upgrade their pesticide application equipment. Equipment upgrades will be supported by an incentives programme. Bluewater 2 is a cooperative and interactive approach that promotes shared learning between growers, resellers, application contractors, scientists, and extension staff.

Contacts: Rob Sluggett (0459 688 844) or Adam Keilbach (0409 260 233)
Contact: Joanne Gibbs
Phone: (07)4959 7075
Address: PO, Box 153, Walkerston 4751