The quality of water

Read all about it! The Water Quality Summary for 2017-2019 for the Bakers Creek repair site has just been released. Bakers Creek System Repair Site – Water Quality Summary 2017-2019 Reef Catchments is undertaking a four year study of the water quality benefits of a constructed wetland treatment train at Bakers Creek. Treatment trains use […]

RT3 Cane Project well on track

More than 240 growers farming 35,587 ha of cane, have actively participated in the project and taken up the opportunity to access $838,000 worth of major grants to assist with equipment upgrades that fast-track practice change to improve nutrient and herbicide management.

Countdown to release of Mackay-Whitsunday waterway health report card

The Mackay-Whitsunday Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership was launched in October 2014 as a collaboration between 28 partners from across the community, including Traditional Owners, farmers and fishers, industry, science, tourism and government.  The Partnership is founded on a shared vision for the region’s rivers and reefs – to ensure they are healthy and contribute […]

Reef Catchments Members and Stakeholders Field Day on again

Interested in learning more about the NRM works happening across our region? Join Reef Catchments for a Members and Stakeholders Field Day on Thursday, May 7th. CLICK HERE to view an invitation. Our region is leading the way in a wide range of natural resource management activities and projects – from cane and grazing sustainable […]

5000 seedlings in the ground at Racecourse Mill

Phase two of a major wetland restoration project near Racecourse Mill is underway. More than 3000 endemic species seedlings have been planted in the last two weeks, with another 2000 to come by the end of April, bringing the total count on the site to more than 5000.