Mackay hotel patrons vote with their butts to help the environment

A well-known Mackay watering hole is using an unusual device to help keep pollutants out of our waterways. Smokers at McGuire’s CBD Hotel can now use their finished cigarette butts to vote on a question put to them by the hotel management. In doing so, they ensure that their discarded butts, a major pollutant of […]

The quality of water

Read all about it! The Water Quality Summary for 2017-2019 for the Bakers Creek repair site has just been released. Bakers Creek System Repair Site – Water Quality Summary 2017-2019 Reef Catchments is undertaking a four year study of the water quality benefits of a constructed wetland treatment train at Bakers Creek. Treatment trains use […]

Oaky Creek Disaster Recovery Project

Oaky Creek was a torrent of water as flooding associated with Tropical Cyclone Debbie ripped down the channel and spilled over the banks. Multiple landslides at the top of the catchment added gravel loads into the creek which were then spread across adjacent cane land.  At some sites the creek moved more than 10 meters, […]

Tilapia found in Bowen

Native fish in Mullers Lagoon are vulnerable to the noxious Tilapia species. The pest was identified in the Bowen waterway by our Catchment Solutions water sampling team in December. Tilapia displace and prey on local species and have been observed to spread disease in waterways where they have been previously found. The Whitsunday Regional Council […]

A fishway in photos: Mackay Gooseponds Fishway Repair

Fishways are essential in improving connectivity and building a more sustainable and healthy native fish population. Fish migration is essential, particularly for important diadromous (migratory) species such as; barramundi, mangrove jack, giant herring, tarpon, jungle perch and Australian bass. All these fish species breed in estuarine or marine environments, before their off-spring migrate into freshwater […]

From little fish, big fish grow

It sounds obvious, but it’s a feat of nature few of us witness – small fish need time, uninterrupted access to our waterways and a whole lot of good quality habitat to become the big catch that sends tingles through an angler’s spine. In the quiet of the creeks and rivers, if there’s something getting […]

Baby barramundi ascending

Following recent fishway monitoring in the Mackay-Whitsunday region, sampling on Boundary Creek in the Rocky Dam Creek Catchment in Koumala has revealed juvenile barramundi as small as 43 mm were successfully ascending the fishway. Catchment Solutions aquatic ecologist, Matt Moore, remains excited about the construction of purpose built fishways in the Mackay-Whitsunday area. “Most fishways […]

Mackay fish face serious transit challenges

If our waterways were a road system, our local fish would have a lot to complain about. A newly released report has found fish in the Mackay Whitsunday area face up to 4000 potential barriers as they attempt to migrate across our region, leaving no aquatic ‘highway’ to move on.

1000 barra fingerlings ready to make a splash at Reef Catchments Family Fishing Fun Day

With hundreds of baby Barra headed to Mackay, Mackay families have an exciting opportunity to take part in a hands-on day of fishing action and education at the Reef Catchments Family Fishing Fun Day, Saturday 19 September.

Traditional Owners meet on Country to plan natural resource management activities in the Mackay Whitsunday region

Representatives of the Gia, Ngaro, Yuwi-bara and Koinjmal Traditional Owner groups recently spent two days at Action Challenge, Hay Point, to identify their priorities for natural resource management in the region and build partnerships that will help them achieve their goals. This was also an opportunity for the different groups to spend time on Country […]