River Restoration


Reef Catchments River Restoration Projects seek to advance science and standards of practice of river restoration through education and community participation programs.

Cattle on creek bank.

Through partnership with local land owners and community groups, Reef Catchments River Restoration Projects help to improve the environmental health of our regional waterways. By working together we can help to sustain water quality, water flow, and to build community knowledge and commitment to the healthy management of our rivers and creeks.

River restoration works include

  • Streambank and streambed stabilisation
  • Removal of barriers to fish migration
  • Community workshops and training
  • Assistance to provide stock control
  • Improvement of instream habitat
  • Property management planning
  • Revegetation and weed control

The O’Connell Catchment story

Reef Catchments assisted DEHP to develop a MAP journal for the O’Connell Basin. Through the Queensland Wetland program there are a number of catchment stories developed using the Walking the Landscape process, available on this site including the O’Connell.

This video highlights works completed along the O’Connell River.

Proserpine Catchment story

The Proserpine Catchment story is also on the Walking the Landscape process. You can view the Proserpine Catchment story here.

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