Part of the Coasts and Communities Program deals with working with coastal communities to identify local environmental problems and achieve practical solutions. Coastcare is an Australia-wide community of volunteers who care for their coast.

Coastcare Community Engagement Activities

Become involved and volunteer to care and learn about our coast, native coastal plants, and invasive weeds. Help with propagation, planting, and maintenance of coastal plants whilst having some fun and meeting new people along the way.
Reef Catchments is proud to partner with Mackay Regional Council and Pioneer Catchment Landcare to deliver a series of Coastcare hands-on events.

The first, a propagation event, was held at the Mackay Natural Environment Centre at North Mackay on Saturday 5 December 2020. Participants were happily engaged in learning the correct methods for propagating native coastal plants (including taking cuttings, seed sowing, and potting native trees) with a delicious morning tea served afterwards. Some general comments heard at this event included how relaxing, soothing, and enjoyable it was to propagate.

The second event was held on 27 March at Far Beach where coastal natives were planted. The next event was held on Saturday 29 May 2021 – Maintaining coastal native plantings and Say Goodbye to the Waders Walk 8 am to 11 am at Far Beach, Mackay.

Attendees at the CoastCare children's event at Harbour Beach on 18 April 2021.

Above is a happy group attending the school holiday Coastcare event at Harbour Beach on 18 April 2021.

These events are designed to increase community awareness of coastal natural resource management.

Reef Catchments approached other partners including Mackay and District Turtle Watch, Birdlife Mackay, and Tangaroa Blue to help deliver these important fun events.

Coastcare Newsletters

Read all about the many activities undertaken by Coastcare.

Video on how education and awareness help to protect the Great Barrier Reef

This video was made by students, and a teacher, at Cannonvale State School. It talks about the importance of the Great Barrier Reef, which is located on their doorstep, and how they are helping to protect it.

Previous Coastcare Events

Tilapia Day 2021.Tilapia Takedown
A family fun day, Tilapia Takedown, was held at the Gooseponds in North Mackay on September 4 2021. This was a sell out event with 320 tickets going to families and interested people.

The day, which was hosted by Reef Catchments, aimed to educate people about tilapia, what the fish looked like and the problems it caused.

Fourteen tilapia were caught which included two 40 cm fish. Unfortunately the population of tilapia in the Gooseponds has been increasing because they are a voracious predator, mouth-brooder and hardy species. Once tilapia are in the Gooseponds they then compete with the native species.


Coastcare Kids: Threats to our Wildlife
During school holidays Coastcare events provided free and interactive activities with the theme ‘Threats to our wildlife’ for children aged 5 to 10. A total of 18 families (49 participants) joined in the fun.

Mackay Regional Council, Mackay and District Turtle Watch Association, Birdlife Mackay, and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority each ran an activity station. The focus of the event was biodiversity, with children learning about some of the threats that our native wildlife face, including marine debris, disturbance to migrations, and climate change. At the end of activities, prizes were given to standout participants. These quizzes proved that the key themes of the day had been received by the children! Reef Catchments also provided a pizza lunch for the families.

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