Sandringham Wetlands Complex

The Sandringham Wetland Complex Project is a sub-component of the overarching ‘High priority coastal and island restoration for the protection of significant ecological communities and species project’ informally known as the Coastal Priorities Project.

The Sandringham Wetland Complex

The Sandringham Wetland Complex provides many important functions to MWI coastal areas due to its unique soils and water holding capacity. These functions are referred to as ‘ecosystem services’.

Wetlands are the boundary between two different ecosystems, dry and wet, which means they have a unique role in nutrient exchange and water supply to the surrounding lands, as well as providing habitat, food and shelter to many different plants and animals. Wetland habitats are an important part of many grazing properties in Queensland.

Most wetlands in Queensland are on privately owned or managed freehold or leasehold lands, many of which are grazing enterprises. Improvements and adoption of best management practices on these important ecosystems can enhance ecosystem services and improve grazing systems. 



Project Resources

Sandringham Wetlands Complex story-map

Sandringham Bay Fish Community Survey 2021

Mackay & Alligator Creek Wetlands Fish Community Assessment 2023

Macs & Alligator Creek Wetlands Fishway Monitoring Report


The project is supported by Reef Catchments through funding from the Australian Government’s Reef Trust Program.



Completed Projects

Coastal Priorities - Aerial photo of coastline with beaches and islands

Coastal Priorities project

The Coastal Priorities is supported by Reef Catchments through funding from the Australian Government’s Reef Trust. It comprises five distinct components.

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