Koumala Range Actephila

Koumala Range Actephila

Actephila championiae

Conservation Status
Queensland State Vulnerable
Australian Government Endangered

Species and status overview
A Queensland endemic, Actephila championiae is a shrub or small tree that grows to 8 m high. It is found in semi-deciduous, dry rainforest on acid volcanic rocks between 160-200 m.

Locally, the species is known from records in the Koumala Range area.

The leaves are alternate, dark green and glossy above, matt below and pale green-yellow. The fruit is 15 mm wide by 20 mm long and green in colour. The flowers are small and white and form in a small bunch at the end of branches. Female flowers are greatly outnumbered by their male counterparts.

This species has been recorded flowering from September to December.
Actephila championiae is named after local plant expert Irene Champion whose knowledge and expertise has been highly regarded for many years within the region.

Conservation concerns
Known threats include:

  • The limited distribution of this species and the fact that it is found in dry rainforest can make Actephila championiae vulnerable to high intensity fires that may impact their dry rainforest habitat in the dry season

What can I do?

  • Implement appropriate fire management in vegetation surrounding dry rainforest near known populations
  • Avoid high intensity fires in adjacent fire adapted ecosystems that may reduce the extent of dry rainforest communities. Refer to the Clarke Conners Range Fire Guidelines for further information.

More Information

Photo credit: Steve and Alison Pearson

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