Weedy threats to koala habitat in the Sarina region

This booklet helps identify and treat weeds in the Sarina region that impact koala habitat.

Cover picture of weedy threats to koala habitat in the Sarina region

A weed is any unwanted plant in the wrong place.
For koalas, some of these weeds restrict their movement from one tree to another and
prevent new food and shelter trees from growing. Lantana is a good example, as it can grow
into impenetrable thickets that can be a barrier to koalas on the move.

Some weeds including Lantana and Guinea Grass burn at very high temperatures, which
can have devastating effects on established habitat that may withstand a cooler fire passing
through. These high temperature fires can also leave wildlife stranded in burning trees.
The Sarina Koala Habitat Restoration project is providing weed control to help improve
degraded habitat and that which is at risk from fire damage.

Read more about our Koala Habitat Restoration Project Here


This project is funded by the Australian Government Saving Koalas Fund

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