Tackle Bin Project (Adopt me!)

The Tackle Bin Project is an initiative to prevent plastics and other litter, particularly recreational fishing rubbish, from entering the marine environment.  Reef Catchments has brought this project to Mackay, and there are Tackle Bins throughout Queensland.

Graph marine debris.
Source: Western Australian Marine Parks

Plastics and litter have a significant detrimental impact on marine life worldwide. Fish, turtles, birds and many other animals consume plastic, mistaking it for food. There are cases throughout Australia and the world of marine birds and other marine species dying of starvation because their stomachs are filled with plastic. Another significant impact of marine debris is entanglement. Marine life get litter wrapped around them, impeding their ability to swim and/or breathe, and causing damage to the animal.

About seven billion tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year. We are doing our part to reduce that number by intercepting fishing tackle. By placing Tackle Bins at strategic locations, fishermen are given an easy way to properly dispose of fishing litter.

Tackle Bins are strategically placed where there are high incidences of marine debris entering the ocean because of little (or difficult) access to public bins. The first Tackle Bin in this region is located at the River St boat ramp. Priority locations for new Tackle Bins include:

  • Mackay Harbour
  • Victor Creek boat ramp

Data collected

In order to install Tackle Bins, we need community volunteers to ‘adopt’ them. This involves emptying the bin every fortnight or so, collecting data on what was in the bin and then disposing of the rubbish.

Two teachers and one retired teacher from Mackay North High School have kindly adopted the River St boat ramp. Amongst the three, each volunteer empties the bin just once every six weeks. The teachers share their findings with the students, and it provides an opportunity for the children to see first-hand some of the debris that gets into the ocean.

The data collected during audits of the Tackle Bin is provided to Tangaroa Blue. Their Australian Marine Debris Initiative (AMDI) database is a nation-wide platform for recording marine debris information, where the data is easily accessible to all.

Will you help marine life and adopt a Tackle Bin?

We would love to install Tackle Bins at the priority locations mentioned above, but we need your help!
If you would like to adopt a Tackle Bin or suggest a new location, please contact Cass Hayward.

For more information, please visit the Tackle Bin Project Facebook page.

This project has been completed.

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