The Biodiversity team at Reef Catchments works on a wide variety of ever-changing projects. Our focus areas include islands and threatened species.

The Biodiversity Team at Reef Catchments works on a wide variety of ever-changing projects. Some of our focus areas include:

Islands are important areas for biodiversity. Comprising just 5% of the Earth’s landmass, they contain 41% of all endangered terrestrial vertebrates and 19% of avian biodiversity. The Biodiversity Team is working to protect islands by eradicating pests and weeds and removing marine debris.

Threatened species and communities
The Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region hosts a range of threatened species and threatened ecological communities, such as the northern quoll and broadleaf tea-tree woodlands. The Biodiversity Team leads a range of projects to protect these species and communities. Works in recent years have included bio-condition assessments of threatened ecological communities, fencing, revegetation, weed control and pest control.

Current Projects

Traditional Owner Reference Group (TORG)
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Completed Projects

Community Action Plan – Protect the Great Barrier Reef
Tackle Bin Project
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Current Projects

Turning Rubble to Reef in the Mackay Whitsundays

Installation of concrete Habitat Reef modules to emulate natural fish habitat in Mackay’s coastal waters.

Mackay wetlands.

Regional Wetland Working Group

A Wetland Working Group was formed in 2014 to promote the sustainable use and management of natural and constructed wetlands in the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac NRM region.

Completed Projects

People in the sea wearing face masks.

Marine Classroom Program

The Mackay Marine Classroom aimed to reconnect students, in the greater Mackay region, with the coast and marine environment.

Underwater view of seagrass.

Seagrass community monitoring

Every year, volunteers come together to collect citizen science data from five seagrass sites across our region.

Carlos Bueno and Trent Power with creek behind them.

Fish Barriers

Diadromous fish in Mackay and Whitsundays face serious transit challenges.

Eastern Curlew

The eastern curlew (Numenius madagascariensis) is listed as ‘Critically Endangered’. We’re working to help protect this beautiful migratory bird.

Aerial view of ocean inlet.

Island Rescue

Reef Catchments aims to conserve and restore biological diversity on Australia’s islands.

view over wetlands

Sandringham Wetlands Complex

The Sandringham Wetland Complex Project is a sub-component of the overarching ‘High priority coastal and island restoration for the protection of significant ecological communities and species project’ informally known as the Coastal Priorities Project.

Coastal Priorities - Aerial photo of coastline with beaches and islands

Coastal Priorities project

The Coastal Priorities is supported by Reef Catchments through funding from the Australian Government’s Reef Trust. It comprises five distinct components.

Coral and fish underwater.

Mackay Whitsunday Isaac Reef Community Action Plan

Be involved and help to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

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