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Mackay cane farmer meets a marine fan

When Mackay cane farmer Tony Bugeja came face to face with one small green sea turtle, the actions he had taken to improve his farm water quality turned full circle. “I always knew that what we do had a big effect down stream – water runs off farming properties into creeks and rivers, and from […]

Introducing the Game Changer program

Reef Catchments is facilitating the Game Changer program to promote farm practices that will make significant reductions in the amount of nitrogen and residual herbicides leaving sugarcane farms in run-off, improving the health of the Great Barrier Reef. The program is run across three NRM regions: Mackay Whitsunday, NQ Dry Tropics and Terrain Wet Tropics. […]

Farmers think outside the square at Mackay Soil Health Field Day

“Soil health for us here in Mackay is an issue of utmost importance. We have gotten our soils into a position where they are badly degraded and we need new ideas on how to fix the problem.” From Biloela to the Burdekin, farmers from across the agricultural spectrum descended on Walkerston to focus on one […]

Capturing the vision and vistas of Mackay, Whitsunday and Isaac

When 13-year-old Jayden Cali snapped a stunning vista of land and ocean at Cape Hillsborough, he helped show one very good reason why residents in Mackay Whitsunday and Isaac (MWI) value their region. Islands on blue water, framed by native flora caught the eye of the young photographer, who was out on a bushwalk. “It […]

1000 hungry barramundi help combat Tilapia threat

There were smiles all round when 1000 baby barramundi were released into the Mackay Gooseponds as part of an ongoing battle to reduce the threat of the pest fish, Tilapia. Community members, including plenty of families and children, came together to help set free bucket loads of barramundi fingerlings, each between 100 to 300mm. Matt […]

Mackay turtle lovers encouraged to step forward and vote for MDTWA

Local turtle lovers are being encouraged to step forward and vote to support the Mackay and District Turtle Watch Association (MDTWA). The group is one of just nine selected to represent Queensland at the National Landcare Awards in Melbourne this September. The MDTWA are state winners in the Coastcare category of the prestigious awards. People’s […]

Microwave Tech cooks up potential for chemical-free weed control

Could the same technology used to microwave last night’s pizza control the weeds on your farm? Local growers, horticulturists and agricultural extension and research providers were fascinated to find out more when Dr Graham Brodie presented information on his prototype weed-killing machine at Reef Catchments weed microwave technology workshop in June. Dr Brodie, of the […]

Pond Apple spread halted in Mackay and Whitsundays

An infestation of a national weed of significance is being slowly but surely eradicated from the Mackay and Whitsunday region.  ‘Pond Apple’ (Annona Glabra) is regarded as one of the worst weeds in Australia because of its invasiveness, potential for spread, and economic and environmental impacts. Infestations were first reported in Mackay in 2009, with […]

Forestry, Horticulture and Fisheries groups set to establish Best-Practice frameworks

Best practice frameworks to encourage innovation and efficient production have been taken up strongly by the local sugarcane and grazing industries. Now, three more sectors will build on the success of ABCD frameworks. New regional bodies have been established to represent forestry, fisheries and horticulture in the Mackay Whitsunday Region. The groups will provide landholders […]

NAIDOC week celebrates diverse culture and stories

Torres Strait Island Elder Mrs Roslyn Bourne still has plenty of memories from life on her island growing up. She reflects on the strength of expertly woven huts, village life where everything was shared and where the kids played with toys and balls they learnt to shape themselves from the fronds of palm trees. “Of […]