Healthy Waterways

The Healthy Waterways Alliance, which is supported by the Queensland Government, provides a structured framework to achieve measurable improvement in the health of the waterways of the region.

The Healthy Waterways Alliance was officially launched over three days in April 2011. Seventy-five water quality professionals came together from across the state. The panel and the ecosystem, urban, and agriculture think tanks have been working towards the next Water Quality Improvement Plan. Key activities have included; reviewing the regional water quality monitoring program, developing an ABCD urban management framework, and improving our understanding of relative effectiveness of management practices.

River Restoration

Reef Catchments River Restoration Projects seek to advance science and standards of practice of river restoration through education and community participation programs.

In partnership with local land owners and community groups, Reef Catchments River Restoration Projects are helping to improve the environmental health of our regional waterways. By working together we can help to sustain water quality, water flow and build community knowledge and commitment to the healthy management of our rivers and creeks.

Key Contact


Chris Dench from Reef Catchments.

Chris Dench
Position: Coordinator – Water and Waterways
Phone: (07) 49452321
Mobile: 0407 538 724
E-Mail: Chris Dench