Soils Symposium & Grazing Forum Event Recordings

For more than 10 years, Reef Catchments' Healthy Soils Symposium and Innovative Grazing Forum have been informing, motivating and invigorating our regional approach to caring for our soils and our grazing ventures. Here you will find our YouTube channel links to take you directly to presentation recordings and field day case studies from 2021 to

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Recordings from 2021 Healthy Soils Symposium

Featuring Gwyn Jones, Daniel Gonzalez, Mark Sugars, Rob Bauman, Marcus Bulstrode with field day at Longmile Mangoes with Ken and Mary Ede.


Recordings from 2022 Healthy Soils Symposium

Featuring John Day, Geoffrey Bahnisch, Tim Marshall, Kym Kruse, Carlos Bueno, Che Trendell, Lara Landsberg and field day case study with Beau North and Kat Fausett at their property Abundance Gully.


Recordings from 2022 Innovative Grazing Forum

Including presentations from Glencore Grazing, Dr Christine Jones, Roxanne Morgan, Greg Fawcett, Simon Mattsson, Grant Sims and field day case study with Chris and Druella Wendelborn on their property Wh9 Grazing.


Recordings from 2023 Innovative Grazing Forum

Including presentations from Dick Richardson, Glencore Grazing, Michael Taylor, Carols Bueno, Jason Bradford, Jim Fletcher and field day case study with Mark and Sharon Yensch on their property Woodlands Station.

These events have been presented by Reef Catchments through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Program and Glencore

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