Mackay Whitsunday Region Sustainable Grazing Guide

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Sustainable Grazing Guide | Mackay Whitsunday Region

The Sustainable Grazing Guide provides information and tools to help graziers to achieve sustainable management of their land, whilst maintaining or enhancing farm efficiency and productivity.

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This guide is designed to be a resource for finding information rather than a comprehensive manual on grazing management. Each section provides web site links, case studies, and references to published data and it also identifies interactive tools including applications and software.

This ‘Sustainable Grazing Guide’, was prepared by Reef Catchments, through funding from the Queensland Government Regional Natural Resource Management Investment Program.

Reef Catchments wishes to acknowledge the technical input from: Jim Fletcher, Phillip Trendell, Neil Cliffe and Ross Dodt (from DAF, Mackay), Jacob Betros and Claire Mahony (from Catchment Solutions), and Bill Davies and Bob Bennet (from the Mackay Whitsunday Grazing Working Group).

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