Juliane (Julia) Kasiske

Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator

Juliane Kasiske from Reef Catchments.

Juliane has a Bachelor of Science (Earth & Environmental) and is enthusiastic about making a significant contribution to managing and protecting natural resources.

Prior to joining Reef Catchments, Juliane worked for seven years in an engineering consultancy where she liaised with a wide range of stakeholders including consultants, government agencies, landowners, and the general public. Site and survey fieldwork, data recording, AutoCAD concept designs, and report preparation were all part of her role as the Environmental Assessor. With regards to natural resource management, she was engaged in various paid and volunteering positions including mine rehabilitation, dune rehabilitation, maintaining and restoring native bushland, and fauna monitoring.

After moving to Queensland from New South Wales in late February 2016, she was involved with GRMPA Marine Parks before she started to work for Reef Catchments in June 2016 initially supporting the coasts and biodiversity sector. Since September, she has been working as the Sustainable Agriculture Project Officer, where she has been involved with sugar cane, grazing, forestry, fisheries, and horticulture industries. Juliane was able to build strong connections, and, together with farmers, promoted sustainable agriculture, and soil health, as well as improving water quality in the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region.

In February 2017, Juliane took on the role of the Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator (RALF, formerly known as RLF) for the Mackay Whitsunday region where she will continue to support sustainable production within the five industries. Her focus will be on advising, facilitating, and coordinating various stakeholders in the planning and implementation of strategic projects and the promotion of NRM activities.