Juliane (Julia) Kasiske

Principle Project Officer - Sustainable Agriculture

Juliane Kasiske is the Sustainable Agriculture Co-ordinator for Reef Catchments

Juliane (Julia) has a Bachelor in Earth and Environmental Science and was involved with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Parks before starting in Reef Catchments Sustainable Agriculture team, working across the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region protecting world-renowned natural resources.

Prior to joining Reef Catchments, Julia worked in an engineering consultancy as an Environmental Assessor. With regards to natural resource management, she was engaged in various paid and volunteering positions including mine rehabilitation, dune rehabilitation, maintaining and restoring native bushland, and fauna monitoring.

In her Regional Facilitator role, working with landholder, industry, and governmental networks, Julia enjoys learning about the diverse agricultural commodities and the opportunity to collaborate with a range of people. Having been involved with sugarcane, forestry, and horticulture, Julia’s role focus on grazing – advising, facilitating, and coordinating various stakeholders in the planning and implementation of strategic projects to support sustainable production.