Topsoil expert is guest speaker at Healthy Soils Symposium

Reef Catchments is inviting primary producers and industry representatives along to an annual event promoting healthy soil within the region’s agricultural industry.

This month, Australia’s top regenerative farming guru will be in Mackay for a three-day soil health series, starting with the Healthy Soils Symposium on Wednesday 27th November at The Windmill in North Mackay.

Guest Speaker Dr Christine Jones will present on:

  • A fresh look at microbes – the symbiotic relationships that take place in the soil microbiome
  • The extraordinary power of diversity – learn how to replicate a productive and resilient farmecosystem
  • Biostimulants for regenerative agriculture – replacing detrimental synthetic N and P with biostimulants

Landholders will also be sharing their approach to regenerative farming.

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