Strategic Plan – Reef Catchments

Our vision – resilient ecosystems – engaged community

The purpose of Reef Catchments is to enable sustainable natural resource management in the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region for the benefit of all.

The Reef Catchments Strategic Plan 2018-2022 outlines our values, our purpose, and the steps needed to achieve resilient ecosystems and an engaged community.

Our priority program goals and focus areas are
Championing the vision for sustainable natural resource management
Transforming behaviour and influencing attitudes
Continually improving land use practices across all sectors
Enhancing organisational capability
Restoring Reef resilience and enhancing ecosystem health and biodiversity
Strengthening community cohesion and custodianship
Targeting investment through planning and prioritisation

Eucalyptus trees.
Who are we?
We are the regional natural resource management body for the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region which includes catchments, coasts and waters that are essential to the survival of the Great Barrier Reef and the Central Queensland way of life. Reef Catchments is one of 14 not-for-profit regional natural resource management bodies in Queensland.

People checking seagrass.

We strive for
Results – Motivated to achieve high quality outcomes
Integrity – Act with honesty, transparency and accountability
Respect – Show respect for ourselves, each other and our environment
Collaboration – Be inclusive and collaborative
Innovation – Display initiative and creativity
Stewardship – Value and use knowledge to leave a lasting legacy

Coffee tree.To achieve our purpose we will
DREAM big and champion the vision for sustainable natural resource management and resilient ecosystems
DEVELOP collaborative community relationships
DESIGN evidence-based solutions that secure and target long-term investment
DELIVER enduring practical outcomes and facilitate innovation

Our key role in the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region is to facilitate accelerated positive change in regional natural resource management actions through
♦Educating and building capacity within the regional community to identify natural resource cases of concern and develop and implement both proactive and remedial actions for improvement.
♦Recording and reporting on natural resource condition and its improvement to all stakeholders.
♦Improving community knowledge of NRM issues along with improving community capacity to deal with these issues, backed with our strong commitment to innovative and efficient service delivery.
♦Facilitating engagement and collaboration between highly diverse stakeholders (i.e. business, industry, community groups, indigenous people, science, research, and government) for regional NRM outcomes.

Download the Reef Catchments Strategic Plan 2018-2022