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Reef Rescue 2, rural fire services support and more: October update from CEO Rob Cocco

Update from Reef Catchments CEO Rob Cocco.  Reef Rescue Phase 2 Last week Reef Catchments received correspondence from Ministers Burke and Ludwig confirming the government’s strong interest toward continuing Reef Rescue for a further 5 years. In the correspondence, both Ministers praised the alliance of partners for the outputs and outcomes being achieved. Reef Catchments […]

Working strategically to manage Mackay’s pests

Over 2700 exotic plants and 73 exotic animals have been introduced into Australia, severely impacting agriculture systems, urban areas and the natural environment. To combat the invasion and prevent new pest incursions in the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac Region, Reef Catchments works closely with the Mackay Regional Pest Management Group (MRPMG). Together, we implement strategic pest […]

Ringing in year five of Reef Rescue

The fifth and final year of Reef Rescue is off to a flying start. In 2012/13, cash incentives worth over $5.6 million are available to landholders for ‘on-farm’ projects. To date, more than 800 Mackay Whitsunday land managers in the sugarcane, grazing and horticultural industries have received Reef Rescue funding to improve their farm with […]

Volunteers reduce marine debris at 12 Mackay Beaches

A total of 2,689 kilograms of rubbish was removed from 12 Mackay beaches as part of the Mackay Coastal Clean Up on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 October. Hosted by Eco Barge Clean Seas Inc., with funding from the BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) Hay Point Coal Terminal Expansion Stage 3 (HXP3) project, the Mackay […]

3 Engineered Log Jams on the O’Connell River completed

With the highly anticipated construction of three Engineered Log Jams (ELJs) on the O’Connell River Streambank Stabilisation Demonstration Reach, the past weeks have been action-packed for the Reef Catchments Healthy Waterways program. The O’Connell River ELJs are designed to: Stabilise a failing streambank Reduce the load of sediment entering the river Stop further losses of […]

Weed of the month: Parthenium

Each month the Mackay Regional Pest Management Group will help you to identify weeds that degrade pasture, poison animals or outcompete native species. October’s weed is Parthenium. Features of Parthenium Weed (Parthenium hysterophorus)   An erect, much-branched, vigorous growing annual herb Height: up to 2 metres Stems: woody with age. Leaves: Pale green, deeply lobed […]

Collecting field data on local rivers

Reef Catchments has been working with Australian Rivers Institute Geomorphologists collecting field data from areas of streambank failure along the O’Connell and Andromache Rivers as part of the Reducing Sediment Pollution in Queensland Project, which is being undertaken across three Queensland Catchments. The aim of this research is to develop an integrated channel and catchment […]

Funding Opportunity: Reef Rescue water quality improvement grants for land managers

Land managers are invited to apply for a Reef Rescue water quality improvement grant for a project that will improve water quality leaving their farm. Grants are available for up to 50% of the project cost. Reef Catchments has funding to support Reef Rescue projects on 85 additional grazing properties. More than 200 graziers have […]

Landcare provides information to land managers, volunteers and community

From June to September, Whitsunday Catchment Landcare (WCL) has encouraged Whitsunday land managers and community members to seek advice on land management and participate in events such as National Tree Day, Weedbuster Day and Walk & Talks. A number of Whitsunday residents participated in a Wetland Walk & Talk on a private property on Goorganga […]

Busting weeds and supporting volunteers in Sarina

Over the last few months, Sarina Landcare Catchment Management Association (SLCMA) was busy working on a variety of projects including coordinating community coastal activities at the Sarina Beaches, working with landholders in the Middle Creek Dam catchment to undertake on-ground activities to improve water quality, undertaking property visits, delivering the Land for Wildlife Program on […]