Capture Your Coast Photography Competition

    Terms and conditions.

2017 Coastcare Photography Competition Terms and Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS | By entering a photo in our competition you agree with the following terms and conditions 1. You give your permission for Reef Catchments and the competition sponsors to publish your photo on our websites and social media and for use in the promotion of the Mackay, Isaac and Whitsundays coastal environment in […]

Jewel Beetle Bio-control Released in Pam Forest Field Day

Reliance Creek National Park, home to the rufous owl and 23 listed threatened species, is a palm-dominated lowland rainforest considered an area of national environmental significance. Pioneer Catchment Landcare, Reef Catchments and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service hosted a walking tour on Friday, 27 October to showcase efforts to protect this significant habitat and […]

Sawing Possibilities in Sustainable Forestry

14 landholders at the recent Reef Catchments Forestry Field day were treated to a tour of the Nebo Sawmill and a full demonstration of tree felling and milling, from start to finish. Attendees were also given information on the sustainable harvesting practices for native forests on privately-owned land. Reef Catchments Sustainable Agriculture Project Officer, Sophie Glasser said, […]

High Steaks II – Bull Selection Workshop

Interest in bull genetics has been gaining momentum in our region, with grazers asking for a ‘Bull Selection Workshop’. Last month our Regional Landcare Facilitator, Juliane Kasiske delivered the High Steaks II – Bull Selection Workshop on behalf for the Australian Government National Landcare Programme, in the second get together between Reef Catchments and the […]

Horticulture Growers Explore Niche Markets

We can grow a wide range of produce here in the sweet spot on the edge of the tropical and sub-tropical growing zones. Farmers and business owners in the Greater Whitsunday Region are taking advantage of this opportunity by sourcing seasonal produce to cater for a niche and local market. 24 growers took a bus tour […]

Marine Classroom on South Molle Island

With funding from Rio Tinto, Reef Catchments organised and ran a Marine Classrooms trip in the Whitsundays for the first time! Another first was the collaboration between Conservation Volunteers Australia and Reef Check Australia, who partnered with Reef Catchments to deliver three jam-packed days of conservation and learning activities on South Molle Island for 16 […]

Digging Deeper Healthy Soils Symposium 2017

The annual HEALTHY SOILS SYMPOSIUM is a day focused on recognition of soil as a living medium. Our expert presenters will discuss how to maintain and enhance microbial activity in your soils to ensure productive yields on a long-term basis. With a mix of national expertise and local experience, this is a free workshop you don’t want to miss. […]

High Steaks II – Bull Selection Field Day

Choosing the right bull for a profitable livestock enterprise. Your bull determines the performance of your herd and influences weaning rates, survival rates, and sales weight, and can indirectly complement your grazing management.  Join us for the High Steaks II – Bull Selection Field Day. DATE: Wednesday, 18 October, 2017 TIME: 8.30 a.m. to 3 […]

Goanna Brewing – Horticulture Field Day and Farm Tour

This tour is to demonstrate the opportunities in niche markets that are available to horticulturists, strengthening our regional food networks. Linda Palmer, Chief Bottle Washer at Goanna Brewery and farmer will discuss their philosophy and process for using local produce that may have otherwise gone to waste, as well as home-grown lychees, mangoes, bananas and […]