Horticulture Growers Explore Niche Markets

We can grow a wide range of produce here in the sweet spot on the edge of the tropical and sub-tropical growing zones. Farmers and business owners in the Greater Whitsunday Region are taking advantage of this opportunity by sourcing seasonal produce to cater for a niche and local market. 24 growers took a bus tour […]

Digging Deeper Healthy Soils Symposium 2017

The annual HEALTHY SOILS SYMPOSIUM is a day focused on recognition of soil as a living medium. Our expert presenters will discuss how to maintain and enhance microbial activity in your soils to ensure productive yields on a long-term basis. With a mix of national expertise and local experience, this is a free workshop you don’t want to miss. […]

Catchment loads monitoring

The Great Barrier Reef (GBR) Catchments Loads Monitoring Program, monitors the annual loads of pollutants (sediments, pesticides and nutrients) generated from terrestrial runoff in the GBR catchments. The monitoring is undertaken at 26 sites across 14 drainage basins. The data is then used to model annual loads across the 35 drainage basins which is used […]