Waterhole Creek

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Cattle drinking at off stream watering points.

Off stream watering points have been installed in conjunction with riparian fencing. The water points provide stock with access to water when stream banks are fenced off to prevent erosion and improve stock safety.



Summary of progress

The Waterhole Creek catchment area extends across the coastal lowlands located between the townships of Midge Point to the north and St Helens to the south. Much of this coastal plain has been extensively cleared to support cattle production which extends over almost 80% of the catchment area. Riparian vegetation, mangroves and saltmarshes have been particularly impacted by past land management practices.

In 2007, the ecological condition of Waterhole Creek estuary was ranked as one of the highest in the region, with the freshwater system rated as being in good condition. Between 2007 and 2013, there have been considerable efforts to improve agricultural management by many of the catchments graziers. These management practice improvements provide a solid foundation on which to build further ecosystem health and water quality improvements.


Future priorities

Grazing management practices that reduce phosphorus loads are the highest priority for continued improvement of event water quality. Management practices that reduce other nutrients and residual herbicides are a moderate priority.

System repair actions to restore riparian vegetation, saltmarshes and mangroves are of the highest priority to improve ecosystem health and protect and enhance the important estuarine areas of Waterhole Creek catchment area.

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