Sarina Beaches

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Electrofishing to establish a baseline of fish community species and abundance. Once identified and counted, fish are returned to the stream and fully recover. 




Summary of progress

The Sarina Beaches catchment area includes the urban areas of Hay Point, Campwin Beach and Grasstree Beach. Together these settlements comprise around 10% of the catchment area. Sarina Beaches also supports grazing production on more than 64% of the catchment area, cane on 6% and peri- urban development across 10%. Important remnant wetlands fringe the waters of Louisa Creek buffering, to some extent, the potential effects of shipping and port activities at Hay Point.

In 2007 the estuarine and freshwater conditon ofthe Sarina Beaches catchment area were rated as moderate relative to other catchments in the Mackay Whitsunday region. Between 2007 and 2013 there have been efforts made by cane, grazing and horticulture producers in the catchment to improve management practices for water quality and ecosystem health benefits. During this same period there have also been changes in the urban footprint of the catchment altering some land use. Industrial and port development around Hay Point is changing the pressures on the catchment’s ecosystem services and management strategies.


Future priorities

Management practices that reduce particulate phosphorus used in grazing will continue to be priority. Management practices that reduce other nutrients and residual herbicides are a moderate priority.

With considerable changes in port and industrial activities in the Sarina Beaches catchment area system repair actions that support and protect current ecosystem services and assets are a priority.

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