Flaggy Rock Creek

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Flaggy Rock Creek pre cast concrete cone fishway.

Pre-cast concrete cone fishway installed on Flaggy Rock Creek to reinstate critical passage and flow for fish migration. 







Summary of progress

The Flaggy Rock Creek catchment area drains the coastal lowlands just south of the settlement of Carmila. The Flaggy Rock Creek estuary creates important local wetlands that are part of West Hill National Park. The National Park comprises 20% of the catchment area. The catchment area extends down the coast for approximately 50km. Seventy percent of the catchment is under grazing production, much of which extends to the coast. Cane production accounts for 5% of the catchment area.

In 2007, this estuary was rated as being in moderate ecological condition compared to other estuaries in the Mackay Whistunday region. The marine environment receiving waters and inshore reefs associated with the Flaggy Rock Creek catchment are considered to be at medium to high risk of exposure from the effects of reduced water quality. The estuarine waters received a low water quality score in the 2007 catchment assessment.

Between 2007and 2013, there have been efforts to improve the quality of water leaving cane and grazing production areas. These improved management practice initiatives provide a solid foundation for future activities to improve ecological health of the area.

Future priorities

Management practices that reduce particulate phosphorus and particulate nitrogen in grazing management practices will be priority.

System repair actions that contribute to instream habitat improvement and the removal of barriers to fish migration will continue to be a priority. Future management efforts should also focus on protecting and improving the coastal wetland extent and condition to support regeneration of inshore seagrass beds.

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