Repair Plane Creek

Plane Creek

The Plane Creek System Repair project outcomes are to improve the water quality of the Plane and Rocky Dam catchments. The program funds improved water management on farms as well as erosion control to reduce sediment loads to the catchment.

Cherry Tree Creek Bank Stabilisation

Erosion control measures are being undertaken at Cherry Tree Creek. Bank battering was undertaken to reform an undercut bank and reinforced using geofabric and rock. Native vegetation was planted to create habitat and further improve bank stablisation.

Sediment Detention Basins

Sediment detention basins.Over the course of the project Reef Catchments has funded portions of sediment detention basins and artificial wetlands in the Rocky Dam Catchment.

Sediment detention basins capture farm run-off before it reaches the catchment so that the water can be used for irrigation, and so pesticides and sediment remain on the property.

Wetlands filter and restore water quality before it is release to waterways.

Key Contact

Chris Dench from Reef Catchments.
Chris Dench
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