2021 Healthy Soils Symposium

Dec 21, 2021 | , ,

The 2021 Healthy Soils Symposium will broaden your ability to read your land’s geography while deepening your knowledge of the microbial world underfoot. We will take you below the surface to understand the chemistry of healthy soil, while demonstrating solutions to improve soil health and fertility. Local farm management examples and demonstrations will share issues, mitigations, and successes in creating vibrant, healthy soils.

Healthy, fertile soils drive pasture productivity and deliver environmental benefits through improved water and nutrient use with less risk of surface run-off, erosion, and deep drainage. Soil health and fertility can be broadly described as: physical fertility – soil texture, structure, and resilience.

01-1 Gwyn Jones – Reading the Landscape
01-2 Gwyn Jones – Reading the Landscape
02 Daniel Gonzalez – Soil Mineral Balancing
03 Gonzalez and Marcus Bulstrode – Cane Case Studies
04 Mark Sugars – Soils and Landscape
06 Gwyn Jones – Weeds Succession
Gwyn Jones – Need to Read the Weed
Gwyn Jones – Reading the Landscape
Understanding Sodic Soils
Understanding Soil Colour
Understanding Soil pH
Understanding Soil Structure
Understanding Soil Texture
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