Mackay Whitsunday Isaac (MWI) urban system repair program

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The Mackay Whitsunday Isaac (MWI) urban system repair program began July 2013 as a means to identify, prioritise, and implement management actions to improve urban water quality and protect and enhance native vegetation and biodiversity across waterways, wetlands (constructed and natural), estuarine and coastal environment with the MWI.

People on bank of creek.

Urban rehabilitation works included:

  • public access management for water quality and habitat management
  • erosion control for water quality and sediment reduction
  • flow management for fish passage & waterhole persistence
  • bed and bank management for waterhole persistence and aquatic habitat enhancement
  • riparian restoration (weed control and revegetation) for connectivity and bank stability

Concurrent to on ground works, this program aimed to target education, knowledge sharing and capacity building for community groups, land managers, local government, industry and other stakeholders. Education and engagement activities generated stakeholder commitment and ownership to long-term project maintenance. Activities under this program were delivered through a combination of contractors, partnerships with local governments, coastal land managers, and community volunteers.

The achievements of the urban system repair program, particularly strong partnerships and on-ground outcomes, will used as a means of showcasing good outcomes for future works of this nature to continue being constructed across the MWI region.

Program Stakeholders

The urban system repair program values the significant contributions of the following project partners:

All urban collaborations showcase a highly successful partnership between Reef Catchments, its stakeholders, and the wider local community.

Funding source: The program was funded by the Australian Government under the Reef Programme and concluded in June 2016.

Project contacts

Katrina Dent, CEO of Reef Catchments.

Katrina Dent

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