Conservation and Communities

The strategic vision of Reef Catchments is ‘Resilient ecosystems, engaged communities’. The environment and the community are intrinsically linked.

Group of people on hill looking down to beach and the sea.

Having healthy and resilient ecosystems is not only important for the protection of biodiversity, but also for supporting human needs. People rely on the environment to provide a range of ecosystem services, such as recreational areas, oxygen and nutrient production, climate regulation, protection from the elements, soil stabilisation and a range of other services. The natural environment is also very important for the well-being of the community. Exposure to green spaces has been shown to reduce stress levels and have a powerful positive effect on mental health.

The broader community plays a vital role in natural resource management. In order for positive environmental changes to occur at a landscape or regional level, it is critical that these changes are supported and complemented by the actions of the community. For this reason, Reef Catchments is committed to engaging the community in natural resource management. There is a range of avenues through which the public can be involved, including through attending our educational and hands-on events, or volunteering to assist in data collection activities.

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