Mimosa Pigra Stakeholder Group

MP Logo“Stop the invasion of our waterways by Mimosa pigra”

Mimosa pigra (M. pigra) is a branched thorny shrub that grows in both water and on land. Introduced to the Darwin Botanic Gardens in the late 1800’s its invasive nature was not realised until the 1950’s. This Class 1 declared plant of Queensland and Weed of National Significance forms, dense, impenetrable thickets, 3-6 meters high along waterways, flood plains and wetlands. If left untreated Mimosa pigra has the ability to restrict access to water impacting on recreational activities, tourism, stock watering points, pasture quality and mustering. Flowers are light pink, round and fluffy with leaves that fold when touched.  The thorns resemble those of a rose bush and seeds are oblong approximately 4-5mm by 2mm in size encased in a brown hairy segmented pod 6-8 cm in length.

The Mimosa Pigra Stakeholder Group was founded after the discovery of Mimosa pigra at Lake Proserpine (Peter Faust Dam) in 2001 one of only two infestations found outside of the Northern territory. The aim of this group is to direct management activities with a focus on a collaborative effort towards the containment and eradication of Mimosa pigra from Lake Proserpine (Peter Faust Dam).

The group consists of representatives from local and state government departments, industry bodies, the regional natural resource management body and landholders.

Current stakeholders include:

For more information please contact your local Biosecurity Officer on 07 49670602