The word was out…

Sep 28, 2016 | all young beach lovers to head for the special events being held by Coastcare during the school holidays. The events were planned to help young people to learn about how the coastline changed over time and how animals and plants adapted to survive in the ever changing landscape.

Coastcare provided free and fun-filled mornings of activities and games at two venues, at Conway Beach and at Bucasia. The events provided both big and little kids with the amazing opportunity to learn about coastal processes, changing habitats, and wildlife adaptations, and how nature had evolved to protect our beaches!

Coastal Project Officer, Jessica Berryman said the school holidays program was a joint initiative by Reef Catchments, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Parks Authority, and Mackay Regional Council with support from the Australian Government and local landcare groups.

Children enjoying the free holiday program run by Reef Catchments NRM in Mackay“We were thrilled yet again to offer the school holidays program,” said Jess. “It has been a unique opportunity for parents and guardians to get outdoors with their kids and to learn about our beautiful coastline and the unique wildlife it supports.”

Reef Catchments Coastcare Program focuses on education for empowerment, by teaching people of all ages the how’s, what’s and why’s of coastal conservation.

Jessica Berryman explained the focus on families and kids. “As future leaders, it is imperative that we offer our children opportunities to learn about the natural world, all about how it works, how the pieces fit together, and what they can do to protect it. The events provide the opportunity for children to learn about the fragile coastline we are lucky enough to have at our backdoor, the wildlife who live here, and how all of us can help protect our beautiful environment.”

“We always look forward to promoting hands-on conservation activities to educate, fascinate and challenge our younger volunteers, and of course there are always prizes to be won!”