Students dive into holiday fun for the Reef’s future

Feb 17, 2016 |

Teaching the next generation safe swimming may be the purpose of the Airlie Aquatic Reef Program, but thanks to the Federal Government National Landcare Programme (NLP), the students have the opportunity to learn about the importance of reef conservation and their role in it, whilst snorkelling in the pristine waters of the Whitsunday islands.

“Reef Catchments is proud to support the Airlie Beach Aquatic Reef Program.  So far these school holidays 40 children have become ‘Reef Warriors’.  To become a Reef Warrior the children must complete their Royal Lifesaving Certificate, learn to snorkel, clean up a beach, learn about our precious reef and how they can help conserve it and as a reward they get to experience the wonder of the reef on a snorkelling day trip!   The kids all look like they have had a great time learning these skills and exploring the reef!” Olivia Brodhurst, Coastal Officer

Facilitated by Annie’s Swim School in Jubilee Pocket, the Reef Trip went to the outer reef one week, but the next stayed around the islands due to the weather, which meant they got to do an island clean up too!

“They clean up a beach and this is often a big eye opener for kids.”

Olivia is keen to see more students involved, “Kids are the environmental ambassadors of the future. They take these lessons with them throughout their lives.”

Parents can encourage kids by helping them understand the importance of all their actions on the overall health of the reef.

One more week of the program is being run in April over the easter holidays.

If you’d like to be involved keep an on our website and click on the calendar.

Encourage your kids to explore the reef safely and help conserve it.

​Visit the Airlie Aquatic Reef Facebook page to see more images and read what parents are saying about the program.

This project is supported by Reef Catchments, through funding from the Australian Government​ National Landcare Programme (NLP) .

Reef warriors on boat going snorkeling of Airlie Beach