Participatory scenario planning for sustainability in a changing climate

Participants at a workshop planning for sustainability in a changing climate.

Taking part in scenario planning for sustainability in a changing climate.

A stakeholder event was held on 11 June 2015 to progress previous workshops focusing around change and future sustainability for the MWI NRM region.

Participants on the day included three levels of government (local, state and federal) alongside conservation, traditional owner, agriculture, education, recreational fishing and community groups.

The day commenced with acknowledgement of previous workshops and actions/ strategies that had already been developed. This was also necessary for participants that had not been involved in the process previously to ensure moving forward in further development of new priority collaborative strategies and actions.

An update on the new climate projections released by CSIRO/ BOM (see was provided with additional information on what these projections may mean for communities, industries and biodiversity.

Participants then chose issues to further develop actions and priorities on specific themes that included:

  • Traditional Owner roles in planning/ management – valuing and respecting Cultural Heritage
  • Biodiversity re: connectivity across the landscape – marine and the marine terrestrial interface and monitoring
  • Protection of arable land for agriculture
  • Value-adding from industry by-products and industry innovation

Information collected from regional stakeholders will form the basis of a Climate Sustainability Plan to be released for comment later this year.

An ongoing outcome from all workshops has been improved understanding of the issues (as well as frustrations) relevant to a changing climate faced by different stakeholders; as well as agreement on priorities for moving to a more sustainable future for the region.

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