Natural Resource Management Plan 2014-2024 set to launch

Dec 7, 2014 |

Natural Resource Management Plan 2014-2024A final draft of the new Natural Resource Management Plan for Mackay, Whitsunday and Isaac has been approved by the Reef Catchments Board and contributing stakeholders across the community for its formal launch in February, 2015.

This follows a concluding period of open public comment, where community and stakeholders were again asked to provide final input to the plan and its supporting documents.

The NRM Plan has been developed collaboratively, with Reef Catchments pulling information together on behalf of a multitude of stakeholders, including local governments, industry bodies, Traditional Owners and the local community.

The plan provides the community and stakeholders an opportunity to have a say on how our land, water, coasts and islands should be managed for the future.

As part of this, the key stakeholders to the NRM Plan, many of whom form part of the NRM Plan Development Committee, will be asked to formally sign the document at the launch to officially endorse the broad principles of the plan and the process behind it. The aim is to seek a level of commitment from stakeholders in implementing the agreed outcomes and management actions, while adding to the integrity of the plan as a collaborative effort.