Moving forward in 2012/13 | Update from the Reef Catchments CEO

Jun 28, 2012 |

Reef Catchments is planning for the future. Here is overview of key actions to take place in 2012/13:

Corporate Services Program

  • Development and implementation of a new project and accounts management system which allows for more detailed recording and reporting of operational outputs and financial performance.
  • The development of new Reef Catchments Strategic Plan 2013 – 2019, Operational Plan 2013 – 2016 and Communications Plan.
  • Investigation toward a potential new place of residence for Reef Catchments post 2012/13 for both Mackay and Proserpine Centres.
  • A review of the Reef Catchments constitution and the employment of two independent skills based directors to the board of Reef Catchments.
  • The development of a new NRM plan for the region actively aligned to the overview and guidance provided by the recently formed partnerships committee.

Biodiversity, Coasts and Marine

  • Creating a new project proposal along the entire GBR aligned to the Commonwealth Government Biodiversity Fund and seeking to support the implementation of coastal bio-diverse carbon stores. This project offers potential for a strong collaboration with local government.
  • The development and delivery of fire management guidelines for much of the region and more broadly key priority areas throughout the state. This work builds on the IP and knowledge within Reef Catchments pertaining to fire management across the landscape and its impact on natural resources, business viability and human risk.
  • The continued development of ecological entrepreneurship.
  • The continued development of national Islands program and set of prioritised initiatives.

Land Water and Waterways

  • The development of a new Water Quality Improvement Plan for the region and the continued support and delivery of the Healthy Waterways initiative.
  • The delivery of a rural futures strategy in the region in cooperation with Regional Development Australia.
  • The continued delivery of regional pest management strategy and continued partner support of this strategy and aligned actions.
  • The submission and development of a new Reef Rescue program.
  • Continued input toward innovation in sugarcane and grazing farming system.
  • The development of new rural biodiversity proposal focus on the GBR catchment and supporting connected landscapes.

Climate futures

  • The development of Climate Change-Carbon-Biodiversity Plan for the region.
  • The development of rural industry partnerships program offering extension service support aligned to the Carbon Farming Initiative.
  • The delivery of a soil carbon project which seeks to better understand the role of farm practice impact on soil carbon.
  • The development of user friendly carbon calculator for rural enterprises in the region.
  • The development of carbon emission calculator for fire and its link to enhanced fire management and hence reduced carbon emissions.