Introducing Reef Catchments Regional Landcare Facilitator

Sep 28, 2016 |

Jacob Betros, who fills the role of regional Landcare facilitator at Reef Catchments, is on hand to provide help for land managers, landcare groups, and farming groups.

Fiona George (RLF - Wet Tropics), Peter Arthofer (RLF - NQ Dry Tropics) and Jacob Betros. width=

He has a strong understanding of issues and challenges which face sustainable agriculture and natural resource management in the Mackay Whitsunday region and can help by delivering community events such as workshops, farm demonstrations and peer learning activities and by helping groups to seek funding, membership and resources for NRM activities. Jacob is able to promote the Landcare ethic and sustainable agriculture to farmers and land managers and support the development, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of the region’s community engagement plan or strategy

Jacob suggests that, if you are seeking help, or ways to improve the productivity on your land in a sustainable manner, you can contact him as he is constantly seeking ways to support individuals to build their capacity and to gain a range of skills and knowledge. With his unique connection to 56 regional Landcare facilitators across Australia, he has a strong network to help research and discover an approach that can work for every individual.

Jacob has been involved with numerous key events including the Healthy Soils Symposium, the Innovative Grazing Forum, and the Cross-Regional Innovative Agriculture Tour.

Jacob can be contacted on (07) 4968 4206 or via email.

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