Grazing Land Management Field Day and Lunch

Palmyra grazier, Michael Shanks.

More than 43 people, representing 30 grazing enterprises from the Mackay, Whitsunday, and Isaac region attended the Reef Catchments Grazing Land Management Field Day in September (2015).

Land management expert and consultant, Bill Thompson, was the guest presenter. He drew on his depth of experience to provide practical advice to the participants.

The field component of the day included a site visit to Michael Shanks’ Palmyra Grazing property.

Throughout the day, graziers were able to focus on management tools to improve the resilience and productivity of their grazing blocks. They also had a chance to learn more about addressing key challenges, including

  • Managing erosion
  • Soil fertility
  • Lowering sediment and nutrient runoff
  • Dispersing grazing pressures – considering supplement and water point dispersal to help ensure cattle are not over-using or degrading one area.
  • Identifying priority and risk areas for physical intervention – intervention activities may include riparian and land type fencing, off-stream watering points, bank stabilisation, and revegetation.
  • Understanding the difference between breeding and grow out/fattening herds – adopting strategies appropriate to the herd and understanding the constraints different land-types place on each system.

Following the field visit, graziers enjoyed lunch where they had the opportunity to network with other landholders who faced similar challenges and to take away some practical tips for more effective grazing land management. Bill Thompson and staff from Reef Catchments Ltd were also available to consult with graziers.

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