Grazing Field Day

Grazing Field Day

Spray nozzle demonstration at the Grazing Field Day 2017

45 graziers ventured to the Trimble’s cattle property on the O’Connell River for a day of hands on learning, at the 2017 Grazing Field Day in March. The 114 hectare property is a showcase for what can be achieved through effective management practices.

Weed control, especially of sicklepod, itch grass and Giant Rat’s Tail grass, has been a major focus of their management and continues to be so. Extensive seeding of paddocks to V8 stylo, seca stylo, Mekong, Rhodes grass, signal grass and Humidicola has been undertaken, resulting in further weed control through competition.

The clear messages of the day was that effective weed control required a whole-of-property management approach and that monitoring and improving soil health can lead to productivity gains in grazing land.

Participants appreciated the practical take home lessons on how to test soil pH, and a demonstration that evaluated the effects that operating pressure, nozzle choice and weather conditions have on droplet size and spray drift.

The ability to see pasture and legume species growing in the paddock allowed landholders to assess the performance and make decisions on whether the species could be useful additions to their own grazing operations.

Our thanks to Darryl and Hannah Trimble for hosting the day and presenters:

Allan Blair, Dept of Agriculture and Fisheries

Bill Thompson, Land Resource Assessment and Management

Gerry Dogao, Sales Agronomist with PGG Wrightson Seeds


This event was supported by Reef Catchments, through funding by the Queensland Government under the Queensland Regional Resource Management Investment Program: Sustainable Agriculture.