5 things you can commit to this Earth Day April 22

Apr 21, 2017 |
Earth Day April 22


5 things you can commit to this Earth Day April 22

1 Sign up to volunteer

Environmental volunteerism is a way meet new people, learn new skills and to give back to the planet that supports you. Conservation Volunteers Australia, Landcare groups and Turtle Watch are just a few in our region. See a list of volunteer activities in our region.

2 Buy local food.

Every Wednesday the Greater Whitsunday Farmer’s Market is on at Bluewater Quay 8am to 1pm. See what food is available and try something new for the health of you and the planet.

3 Walk

Need to pop up to the shop? Ditch the car and go for a walk, it has positive impacts for both your brain and the environment. Alternatively you could ride your bike.

4 Plant a veggie garden

After Easter is the perfect time to plant your winter veggies. Lessen your food miles, need for packaging and get the maximum nutrients from your food by eating it straight away.

5 Buy a coffee reusable cup and commit to using it.

There is enough plastic in about 20 takeaway coffee lids to make one reusable cup. Benefits may include discounts at your fav coffee shop and feeling a little better about your commitment to our planet.