Controlled burns reduce wildfire risk and response time

As the dry, hot summer most of Australia has suffered is expected to continue, it is imperative to remember the respect nature deserves, as our lives become increasingly integrated with the Australian landscape.

The Central Queensland Coast has been fortunate not to suffer a severe wildfire in recent years, and this record can be maintained by incorporating proactive fire regimes into our management of the land.

When used appropriately, fire is a powerful tool against hazardous fuel loads, and can also stimulate the productivity of the land while conserving the natural environment.

Catchment Solutions, with the help of Reef Catchments, is focusing on the promotion of positive fire use through a number of tools and resources.

Targeting 27 key rural fire brigades, Catchment Solutions will this year meet with volunteers and aid in identifying areas of concern. These include areas that:

  • May have not burnt for a number of years
  • May have been burnt too frequently
  • May contain land of national environmental significance

The tools and resources being utilised include Reef Catchments Clarke Connors Range Fire Management Guidelines, and fire history mapping.

Outcomes of these meetings will help rural fire brigades in directing their resources to areas of importance to reduce the likelihood of wildfire and have further positive outcomes for the landowners.

Always remembering, rural fire brigades are run by dedicated volunteers. The application of a few positive burns can reduce the time spent attending to wildfire response.

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