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Sep 28, 2014 | , ,
Two people holding the draft Natural Resource Management Plan for Mackay Whitsunday Isaac.
The draft Natural Resource Management Plan for Mackay Whitsunday Isaac is now open for public review.

New Natural Resource Management Plan 2014-2024 open for Public Review.

A draft of the new Natural Resource Management Plan (2014-2024) for Mackay, Whitsunday and Isaac is now available for public comment.  The plan provides the community and stakeholders an opportunity to have a final say on how our land, water, coasts and islands should be managed for the future.

The NRM Plan has been developed collaboratively with Reef Catchments, pulling information together on behalf of a multitude of stakeholders, including local governments, industry bodies and Traditional Owners.

NRM Plan coordinator Alice Spencer, said it was important for community and industry members to have a look at the NRM Plan draft to ensure their views were represented.

The plan will help to ensure future on ground activity address the community’s priorities.

“We have tried to do the best possible job of capturing the community’s values and visions for the future of the region via extensive consultation over the last 18 months,” Ms Spencer said.

“We are now asking people to go online, or give us a call, and let us know if we have represented their views accurately. This is a community plan, so we want the community to be the ones with the red pen marking this draft.”

Feedback will be assessed and incorporated into the Natural Resource Management Plan that will then be used to guide future planning and activity in the region.

“This is an essential part of the planning process. It has been our aim to involve people throughout the plan’s journey, and it is important stakeholders and the community are involved at the review stage to make sure they are represented in the final plan.”

The NRM Plan (2014-2024) DRAFT is available online from 15 September until 3 October – CLICK HERE to view the draft plan.

Alternatively please contact Alice Spencer to arrange a meeting – or phone 0428 955 490.

All stakeholders are encouraged to visit the site, and share the link with others so that everyone is aware that they have the opportunity to comment.

Following public review, the NRM Plan draft will be returned to the NRM Plan Development Committee and Reef Catchments Board for final review and approval, ahead of a formal plan launch scheduled at the end of October.