Sustainable Sugar

Field of sugar cane.

Green cane trash blanket


Reef Catchments Sustainable Agriculture Program works with sugar producers to trial and demonstrate new and innovative practices for growing sugar and will also support the updating of the regional ABCD Framework for Sustainable Sugar to incorporate climate change, carbon and soil health.

The Program supports ten trials and demonstrations run by local farmers

  • Mashumus Farm-Made Biofertiliser – Michael and John Attard
  • A-Musa Farming System – Joe Muscat
  • Deep Sub-Surface Application of Mill Ash (Variable Rate Application) with Mill Mud and Bagasse for Treating Sodic Blocks – Phil Deguara
  • Determining the Long Term Benefits of Controlled Traffic Farming – Reef Catchments led
  • Determining the Benefits of a Skip Row Farming System to Soil Health – Lee Blackburn
  • Precision Compost with Chicken Manure – Allan McLean
  • Mixed Beneficial Plantings in 1.8m Sugarcane Systems – Simon Mattsson
  • Understanding the Soil Health Benefits of a Legume Fallow – Rodney Lamb
  • Polycropping in a Sugarcane Fallow – Rob Sluggett