Please help with cat survey

Cat survey to help save our native wildlife

Cyclone Debbie has caused major damage to the Whitsunday environment and our native animals and birds are struggling to find new homes and sources of food. The last thing they need is to be played with, or eaten by, our pets, especially our cats.

It required by local and state govt law that all domestic pets are to be contained within the confines of their owners property and under their control, so please be extra vigilant with keeping your pets at home and in your yard.

Cats have the ability to kill everything from lizards to birds, sugar-gliders to wallabys and are a main predator of our native wildlife.

Research shows that one cat loose at night can kill 5-30 native animals, even if the cats are well fed! With everyone’s assistance and vigilance, we can give our native animal populations the best chance to recover to sustainable sizes again.

For more information on best practice cat management, or to be involved in the Whitsundays
Cat Program please complete the online survey.

Reef Catchments, Whitsunday Catchment Landcare and our native animals thank you in advance for your assistance.

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