Jewel Beetle Bio-control Released in Pam Forest Field Day

People in forest.Reliance Creek National Park, home to the rufous owl and 23 listed threatened species, is a palm-dominated lowland rainforest considered an area of national environmental significance.

Pioneer Catchment Landcare, Reef Catchments, and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service hosted a walking tour to showcase efforts to protect this significant habitat and slow the invasive weed, cat’s claw creeper.

The beautiful and beneficial jewel beetle was released as a bio-control for this weed infestation.

Many organisations have worked in the Reliance Creek National Park over the last 25 years, but people don’t often get the opportunity to see what has been done and learn about the threats.

Guests heard first hand from those managing the site about the successes and challenges in managing the site and why the park is special.

The event was funded by the Australian Government National Landcare Program.