Increasing community and industry awareness

Oct 4, 2016 | , ,
Juliane Kasiske, sustainable agriculture team member at Reef Catchments Ltd in Mackay
Juliane Kasiske

The newest sustainable agriculture team member at Reef Catchments, Juliane Kasiske, has set her focus on increasing community and industry awareness, and on encouraging the adaptation of best practice in land management and natural resource management.

Juliane is happy to be a point of contact for anyone with a direct interest in sustainable agriculture. She can provide information on latest practice standards in all the fields including sugarcane, grazing, horticulture, forestry, and fisheries
and can facilitate learning through working groups, and through educational events.

Juliane considers farmers have a central role in the sustainable management of natural resources.

“We can help farmers to establish innovative trials on their properties and, as Reef Catchments is a conduit for certain funding, we can provide them with support to guide them through the eligibility criteria, and to help them to plan their proposal to improve land management practices on their farms,” said Juliane.

“Monitoring trials is vital to identify progress, and this information can then be exchanged and discussed at working groups or at similar events.”

Juliane says an important part of her role is to increase community and industry awareness, and the adaption of best practice in land management and natural resource management.

Her background includes working for an engineering consultancy where she undertook BASIX assessments for energy and water efficiency, undertook water and soil quality sampling, and researched suitable cost effective technologies to manage erosion, dune stabilisation, stormwater drainage, and bio-filtration tanks.

She has also worked on a mine rehabilitation where the aim was to re-establish the site and create a habitat as close as possible to its original undisturbed state. Various rehabilitation techniques were used and their relative effectiveness was analysed. Juliane was also involved in an ecological survey with National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) to monitor fauna abundance and behaviour following habitat loss.